SA Lube is geared to solve your lubrication requirements from the largest global product range of Castrol and BP products.

Passenger Vehicles

Castrol offers a range of advanced engine oils for your passenger vehicle, including full synthetic, semi-synthetic, high mileage, conventional and diesel. Passenger Vehicle Engine Oil Passenger Vehicle Transmission Oil Passenger Vehicle Hydraulic Oil Passenger Vehicle Brake Fluid Passenger Vehicle Radiator Coolant Passenger Vehicle Grease

Commercial Vehicles

Your business depends on your vehicles, so you need them to work reliably and efficiently. This is why Castrol’s scientists developed heavy-duty diesel engine oils, to protect your engine, help you lower running costs and increase reliability. Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil Commercial Vehicle Transmission Oil Commercial Vehicle Brake Fluid Commercial Vehicle Radiator Coolant Commercial Vehicle Grease


For over 100 years, Castrol has played a vital role in developing and producing high-quality motorcycle engine oils. Motorcycle Engine Oil Motorcycle Ancillary Products

Earthmoving Equipment

At Castrol, there is focused on engine manufacturing for agricultural and construction machinery. Earthmoving Equipment Engine Oil Earthmoving Equipment Transmissions and Hydraulic Oil Caterpillar Approved Oils and Lubricants Earthmoving Equipment Brake Fluid Earthmoving Equipment Radiator Coolants Earthmoving Equipment Grease

Industrial Oils and Lubricants

Apart from our normal range of hydraulic, gear, slideway and compressor oils, Castrol also has a comprehensive range of neat and soluble metal working fluids and a wide range of greases. Industrial Hydraulic Oil Industrial Gear Oil Industrial Compressor Oil Industrial Refrigerator Oil Industrial Turbine Oil Industrial Transformers and Heat Transfer Oil Industrial Rust Preventatives Industrial Specialised Chain and Wire Rope Oil Industrial Release Agents Industrial Greases Sugar Mill Grease


With a long history of working with the mining industry, Castrol has a wide range of specialty products designed to add value to your business and help you meet the lubricant challenges you face. Rockdrill Lubricants


At Castrol, there is focused on engine manufacturing for agricultural and construction machinery. Tractor Oils Chainsaw Oils Engine Oil Radiator Coolants Brake Fluid Transmission and Axle Fluids Grease Motorcycles Lubes Hydraulic Oils


With emphasis on your process reliability, Castrol has developed a comprehensive range of premium metalworking fluids. Soluble Metalworking Oil Neat Metalworking Oil Forming Oil Slideway and Circulating Oils Biocides and Additives Rust Preventatives

Food Grade

The use of food grade lubricants is an important element in assuring customers and legislators that food material and foodstuffs have been prepared in a clean and safe environment, but Castrol’s food grade range goes further – delivering performance as well as safety. Food Grade Process and White Oils Food Grade Gear Oil Food Grade Hydraulic Oil Food Grade Grease Food Grade Chain Oil Food Grade Compressor Oil Food Grade Pastes Food Grade Sprays