Neat Oil

Neat Metalworking Oils

Honilo 980 – Neat Cutting Oil – For honing and superfinishing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
Ilobroach 11 – Highly chlorinated, sulphur and heavy metal free neat cutting oil – For broaching and gear manufacturing
Ilocut 154 – Light-duty Neat Cutting Oil – For general machining of medium alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals
Ilocut 170 – Heavy-duty Neat Cutting Oil – for gun drilling, general machining & honing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Iloform BWN205 – High viscosity, chlorinated, heavy duty forming fluid – For use in heavy duty deep drawing, bar and rod drawing
Iloform BWS153 – Semi-synthetic emulsifying coolant – For use in copper and copper alloy heavy rod breakdown
Iloform PN226 – Neat forming oil – for single die and progressive die presses for medium to heavy deep drawing
Iloform PS158 – Chlorine free forming paste – For use in single die and progressive die presses for medium duty deep drawing
Variocut C486 – High performance neat cutting oil – for general machining of high tensile steel, Inconel, high nickel, stainless steels
Variocut G500 – Chorine and heavy-metal free neat cutting oil – For flute, form and gear grinding with carborundum and SG wheels
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